The children’s movie Aladdin is full of adventure with the message of good versus evil.
When Aladdin is trapped in a cave beneath the desert sand and seems lost, he finds a magic lamp. The Genie which appears offers him the traditional three wishes. Aladdin would likely wish to get out his entrapment. But he makes sure the genie hears him tell his monkey friend, Abu, that freeing them was probably too big of a task for a mere genie. Genie takes the challenge and rescues them. Aladdin receives the power of the genie without using any of his wishes.
Sometimes I think that is the way I pray. I moan about a problem that is upsetting me and want God to take away the problem so that I will feel better. Like Aladdin I question whether God can or will change my situation while hoping that He will prove me wrong by providing my answer. Aladdin was being deceptive. I am acting on doubt.
Hebrews 4:16 says, “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” We are to come before God with confidence. We are to freely tell Him all that is on our hearts; leaving nothing out. He wants our honesty. He cannot answer our prayers when we hold onto our resentment, anger or unbelief.
Give those negative emotions to God and He will replace them with grace and mercy.

Have you ever asked God for something but remained doubtful or resentful about it?

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Nancey, great post!

I wanted to be a regular teacher in public schools for years. Cycles of fibromyalgia pain and exhaustion prevented me from the physical stamina I needed to continue. Still, I asked God for a teaching job as I interviewed for position after position – with nothing opening up.

But God is in control. Today I’m living a NEW DREAM. I’m doing sales and marketing for my husband’s software business. I’m writing my first book. And I’m tutoring four students, drawing alongside them to see them through academic skills they need to succeed. I’m in the most content season of my life. God re-defined a “win” for me.


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