When I was a child, Easter was represented by a new outfit, including a fancy dress, shoes and hat. My sisters and I would get dressed up and pose for pictures out in our yard. The sun was usually shinning, though the air still brisk. After the dutiful snapshots, we would run around the yard looking for the colorful eggs we had died the night before.

Today, Easter has a deeper meaning. Instead of sitting in church in pretty new clothes, I see myself kneeling and broken at the foot of the cross. My heart aches to remember the cruelty heaped on Jesus that day. My heart rejoices at the love He displayed. In excruciating pain, He looked at those who mutilated His body and said, “Forgive them.” Imagine, if He could forgive them, He can forgive us.

Easter is about forgiveness, a clean slate and a blessed future. My vision of Easter enhances the traditional image of new birth and hope. Because Jesus died and rose again, we have a fresh start. We can choose to be a forgiven Child of God and leave the lies of the World behind. That’s why I see Easter in bright colors; crisp and fresh with excitement.

I know I am forgiven no matter what I look like but I still like to dress up for Easter services. After all, God gave His best.

What traditions do you value at Easter? Are there any traditions you had as a child that you see differently today?

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Thanks, Nancey. Yes: New Birth and Hope. Thank God for the resurrection. Hallelujah, what a Savioir!


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