Recently a relative talked about her struggles to come to terms with who she is as a gay Christian. Loneliness, isolation and confusion described her pain. I have used these very terms in my own search for identity, yet we are totally different. She is a beautiful black woman raised in a faith-filled home. I am an overweight white woman allowed to grow up without loving guidance. But our internal conflicts are fought on the same battlefield; the need for validation. Could God love us with our socially notable flaws?

God does not look at us through society’s definition of flaws or sin. He looks at us as His creation, His children and His precious treasure. He doesn’t tell us to change; He simple calls us to Himself. What He wants is a relationship. If we trust His word and seek His will, He demonstrates our value in His love and comfort. Our differences are irrelevant. Our need for God is Universal.

I thank God daily that I am not called to judge others. I believe we are to uplift one another. No one has the right to make another feel they are less valuable. Remember the poor, old woman who put her last talents in the offering? The religious men scoffed but Jesus said her heart was the one that was pure.

Whether it is wealth, race, sexually orientation or culture, is there someone you mock as not as good as you? Is mocking any different than judging?

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No, no one to mock or denigrate. But I am learning to accept others when they act badly toward me to love them and not retaliate, even when they deserve it (from my point). In the same vein as this Treasuer, I am learning to love, no matter what others do.


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