Chas and Phil are two of the homeless men who regularly come to the soup Kitchen. The other night, Chas was telling my friend, Judy, and me about their project to clean up garbage along a road outside Lebanon. They worked for days and walked miles. Then he asked us, “Will you tell others so they will know that we aren’t bad people. We care about things and are willing to help out anyone.” He grabbed the front of his dingy shirt and continued, “It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I’m going to heaven.”

“It’s not the condition of your shirt but the condition of your heart that matters,” I assured him.

Chas talked about his struggle to give up drugs and alcohol and how much he wished he was the man God wanted him to be. Judy said, “God loves you. He tells us that in His word.”

With tears in his eyes, Chas reached for Judy and my hands, “Pray with me,” he said. “Lord, thank you for these wonderful ladies and for bringing me here.” After his amen he said, “I knew God had me sit at this table for a reason. Thank you so much.”

As a new Christian Chas was hungry for God’s word and direction. Our comments were familiar truths to Judy and me but were fresh insight to him. For me this was a conversation; to Chas it was confirmation. I was astonished at his enthusiasm as he told us and then the people at a nearby table how much God loved all of us. I am praying to regain the passion I had when I first trusted God.

On this Easter, may your amazement of what God has done for you become as fresh and exciting as when you first believed.

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Nancey, inspiring post! Really stirred my heart. I’m always amazed at the wonderful things God is up to. I pray our enthusiasm is as great as Chas’. Praying resurrection power over you today, Lynn


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