This morning in Sunday school we were talking about people who accept Jesus as their savior and continue living without any noticeable change. It may be years before they spiritually grow. I was one of them. Why did it take so long to really seek a relationship with Jesus?

In my case, it was because I was hungry and thirsty for the wrong thing. I knew I was saved but I didn’t understand why God didn’t give me what would make me happy; approval and acceptance from people. I tried to live what I considered a godly life but I still held on to a feeling of worthlessness when it came to relationships.

Matthew 5:6 promised, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.” I wasn’t blessed because I wasn’t feeding my spirit. I seldom missed a chance to eat or drink to satisfy my body but I was letting my spirit starve. The more I dug deep into God’s word, the more I wanted to know. My conversations with Jesus became longer. (Conversations, not just requests!) I longed to please God and gave up on pleasing man. Blessings were all around me.

Was I suddenly being blessed or were my eyes opened to God’s movements in my life when I stopped trying to please myself and looked to Him?

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