Remember the classic It’s a Wonderful Life. The theme became very real to me as I sat in church at a friend’s funeral. The pews were filled and the stories people told were full of love. A mutual friend made the comment, “We just never know how many people our lives touch.”
That was the lesson George Bailey learned at the end of the movie. What he considered a wasted life was actually a blessing to many. He was lucky enough to see that while he lived. Unfortunately, we often don’t see how valuable our own life is to other people.
Just a year ago I attended the memorial of my husband’s friend. The crowd was just as large but the atmosphere was markedly different. He had taken his own life. People told stories of how he had brought happiness to them but he died feeling his life wasn’t worthwhile.
People need an angel like George Bailey had. In real life that angel may be you. “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs,” Ephesians 4:29. Be positive and uplifting to one another, we can all use reinforcement.

What are you doing to make it a wonderful life for someone else?

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I can easily relate to George Bailey. I never felt led to be a minister, but I thought I might be used like Billy Graham or Chuck Swindoll. Too much of Jonah in me. But I keep reminding myself that all things work together for those called by God. I’m hoping that my funeral (in about 40 years) will be like the first. I know I’ll be happy where I am.


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