Job was a man with problems. That’s an understatement; Job was a man who had literally lost everything. He not only lost his physical empire, he lost the power, prestige and security which came with it. He not only lost his wife and children, but their love and companionship. The friends he had left could hardly be called “friends.” They nagged at him to “curse God and die.”
Every one of us has lost something dear to us. We may be tempted to follow Job’s friends’ advice and curse God. There was a time when I blamed God for my problems; after all He is the one who made me fat and ugly and therefore, unlovable.
The one thing that Job did not lose was the main thing that I had lost: trust in God.
“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” (Job 1:21 NIV) Job lost everything of earthly value, yet he praised the Lord. Verse 22 says, “In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.” Beyond the abundance of what he once had, Job remained faithful and trusting, even into the ashes of despair.
I was in the valley of despair because I did not trust God. I looked for human values to validate my worth. When I believed God that He (the creator of all) loved me (the least of all) then I began to see who He wanted me to be. No matter what calamity you face the first step to recovery is to praise God.

Are you looking to the world or to God for your value and purpose in this life?

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I like this post because it allows us to take inventory of God’s deposits and withdrawals in our lives. When God takes things away from us, it’s so easy to believe He’s removed His love. But that’s not true. His love is the constant in the equation.

I wish I could say I ALWAYS look to God for my self-worth, but if I’m honest, sometimes I look for worldly recognition. As an author, sometimes pieces I write for periodicals get rejected. My self-esteem takes a temporary hit. Then when I get my eyes back on Jesus, things seem to reach an equilibrium once more.


Nancey – You are so pretty! You were always pretty, from the first day I met you. I cannot imagine you thinking yourself as ugly or fat. You have never been either in my sight. But most importantly, you have a beautiful soul. You are one of the most lovable people I have ever met, and I’m pleased that you’re my friend. And I’m glad God showed you the truth of how lovely you are. Keep praising Him!


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