“Seek and you will find.” I always thought that part of Matthew 7:7 referred to deep, spiritual truths. But Jesus cares about our everyday concerns and recently showed me how this verse applied to me.

One evening, a dog I was caring for touched the electric fence beyond the front yard. Her yipping pierced the air as she ran to hide. I found her and petted her soft head until she stopped shaking. I tried consoling her with dinner when I noticed that my dog, Annie was missing. The howling must have scared her. I called her name and looked in her usual hiking places. She had never run off and I grew more concerned as darkness set in.

The next morning, my husband, Jon, set out early to look for her at the neighbors and across the river at the park. No Annie.

I went to Sunday school. My thoughts were on Annie’s whereabouts. I needed to look for her, so I left before church was over and drove down the main street of our community. I asked God to show me where to look. I saw a yard sale sign, which was unusual for a Sunday. I stopped in front of the driveway lined with miscellaneous items. “Have you seen a lost dog?” I asked. My hopes built when they said a lady just left with one and pointed toward the end of the street. I quickly drove there and was reunited with my loving Annie.

Annie must have followed the car down the driveway when Jon went to the other farm shortly after the howling incident. This woman and her kids were playing in the river and Annie joined them. They took her home for the night and had just returned to Waterloo to look for her owner. If I had waited until the end of church to look, I would have missed our meeting. But I think my Guide knew that.

Have you ever lost something and asked God to help you find it? How did He show it to you?

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Yes! I’m constantly “misplacing” things, and He helps me all the time to find them. He cares about the little things in our lives too. He is always good to us.


I would like to say that when I ask the Lord for help finding something, He works in great and wonderful ways, but He seems to work for me in normal, everyday ways–I just notice they happened after I prayed. Two days ago, Suzie couldn’t find the remote controler for our new fan/light combo in the bedroom. We were in the middle of a three day garage sale and all she could remember was she laid it down somewhere. We looked in the garage, on tables, on the back porch, in the living room, the bed room, the kitchen. No controler. Then I prayed. Still no controler. Finally Suzie mentioned she thought she had laid it on the bed. Bright lights flashed–I had looked for some old jewelry for the sale in my dresser and left the excess on the bed, then later put it all in a box back in the dresser. Guess what. The controler was in the box. I think that had I not prayed, it would have been several months before I looked in there for something else and found it. God answered my prayer because I looked to Him for a solution, not my great “looking” abilities.


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