Like many households across our country, I have been watching the Olympics. For the first time, I saw a canoeing event. A team of two men maneuvered a canoe down white-water rapids, passing through 21 strategically placed gates. They were timed, with two seconds being added for each time a part of their body or paddle touched the side of a gate.
All athletes spend hours developing their skills to earn the honor of competing at the Olympics. The men operating the canoes were no different. Strong arms, keen sense of balance and quick reflex brought them to the elite games. No matter how much they practiced, anything could happen on the course and they must depend on one another.
I thought how much this course resembled problems in life. Challenges can come at us rapidly, tossing us about if we haven’t developed the skills and strength to handle them. We prepare for those hard times by building our faith in reading the Bible, praying and choosing friends who share our belief. Then when the waters around us begin to churn, we will be able to steer through the gates to the finish line. The most important thing we need to complete the course is Jesus as our partner, or better yet, our guide. You can depend on Him for the gold.

Do you see your life like an Olympic event? Which one and why?

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Christine Carpenter
August 8, 2012 8:44 pm

Your smiling face gave me the warm greeting I needed, not just to visit your site, but to continue my day in an attitude of joyfulness.


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