Recently, I was a guest with two other Lebanon Soup Kitchen volunteers on the radio talk show, Valley Talk. It’s not the first time I have been interviewed on a radio or television talk show. My ego could get puffed up as if there was some importance in being interviewed on the air.
God doesn’t care whether or not I’m on the radio; as long as I am His radio. When I allow Him to speak through me I become a box to transmit His message. Just like a radio, what comes out of my mouth depends on where I get my power. I plug into Him for inspiration and guidance.
Have you ever heard a beautiful song and said, “Oh, what a lovely radio?” I doubt it. People should look at Christians and see what a great God they have. If you are worrying about what you look or sound like maybe you need to plug into a different outlet. God can use you for His glory, not yours.

Have you ever said something and wondered where the words came from? Give examples of how God has used you.

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Nancey, what a beautiful blog post! I love how you carry God’s bandwidth wherever you are. You have such a lovely spirit.

I snapped at my daughter this morning for dropping my camera. Yikes! If I were a radio, I was putting out nothing but noisy dissonance. Tonight when she gets home, I plan to switch to another channel. Maybe even carry a new frequency – one of gentleness & patience.


Thank you. May God bless you.


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Thank you for your comment. God is the one who knows your problems better than you do. Glad He used the blog to help you.


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