My fear of heights was the last thing on my mind as I stepped from the car and hurried down the path toward Two Medicine Lake. My husband and I got up early to catch the morning light on the least visited area of Glacier National Park. I had enjoyed every day of our vacation with the splendor of the fall colors beneath snow-capped mountains. I was not disappointed in the lack of fellow visitors or the unusual warm weather this late in the season.

The morning was cool but clear as I made my way from the dirt path onto the rocky beach. Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat. I was starring down into a deep canyon with yellow-laden trees and green bushes. I jumped back in alarm. Where is the lake? I wondered as I gazed over the scenery for signs of water.

The fear of falling pulled my eyes and feet away from the view before me. As I looked down, I noticed rocks beneath a glassy sheet of water. The lake began only a few feet away. Looking again into the cavern below, I realized I was looking at the reflection of the mountain on the other side of the lake.

The view changed before my eyes like those trick pictures of two faces hidden in one. I saw the reflection, then turning my head there was the canyon. The reflection was so perfect the water vanished and the scene became one continual image. I sat on a nearby boulder to calm my flip-flopping stomach and thought of how we are to be a reflection of our Creator. Does His will for my life appear so clear that mine is one with it?

Later, the Park Ranger told us that this was an extremely rare day. The air must be very still for such a clean reflection and the breeze from the mountains usually ruffles the water. Like the calm waters, The Lord says we must be “still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10 NIV) Oh, how the chaos in our lives interrupts that stillness so that God is only roughly seen. We are created in His image. When we find time away from the winds of busyness to allow that reflection cover us, we have no reason to fear heights or anything else.

What ruffles your calm waters and blurs God reflection in your life?

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Nancey, absolutely breath-taking.! I pray God peels off us anything that blurs our reflection of His glory. For me, it’s often pride. I try to keep in mind, “God crowns the humble with victory.” Beautiful post!


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