Following a cold winter, the spring sun has greeted me with warmth and hope. Its rays have helped me see that change can be a good thing. Last year’s leaves are black with decay. Their dying has allowed the new life which appears in radiant colored blooms around my yard. The old is gone and fresh promises sprout encouragement.

I find an even greater hope available in God’s Son. His light gives vision and clarity to my spiritual life. He has shown me issues in my past that need to fade away or they may impact the strength of my future.

Years of experience shape the person we have become but some things may need to be removed completely in order for us to grow to our potential. We can look to Jesus to shine His light on those things and then ask Him to help us pry our fingers from the negative that we drag along with us. Like the flowers in my garden, we will grow and flourish only when we turn our face to the Son.

Do you have issues from your past that you hold on to, allowing their decaying slime to detract from your beauty? Are you ready to trust God and let go of them?

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Good reminder, Nancey, especially at Passover and Resurrection time. HE is our life.



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