I just read an article that broke my heart. A local15-yr old girl shot herself, leaving her family and friends shocked and asking, “Why?” Her father found a letter she had written; it said “I’m ugly. I’m horrible. Everyone laughs at me.”
I could feel the pain as if it were yesterday that I was that same young girl. Those works were once mine as I, too, hated myself and believed so did everyone else. It takes pain but most of all it takes a loss of hope to reach the point to destroy the life God has given you.
How did I find hope? It wasn’t overnight. I believed in God but not in myself. It took years to accept myself as a child of God, made with a purpose. Seeking Him through His word and prayer brought me a new vision of who I am.
The article said she was bullied at school. I can still hear the pig snorts from the “jocks” as I walked past. Yes, I was overweight which was often pointed out by such taunts.
As children of God, we are to encourage one another. (Hebrews 10:25) We should build up those who have been beaten down by harsh words. No one has the right to make another feel like they aren’t worth living. Pass God’s love and compassion on.

Who can you encourage today?

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Very convicting of someone who was not aways encouraging, or actually taunted/teased by other kids. I’m glad our savior can correct our mistakes and make good from bad.


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