Does technology enhance or hurt our Christian faith? I tend to believe that all things should be in moderation. So my answer would simply be “yes.”

Our church has a big screen to display words to songs and pictures to aid the message. It is helpful but by no means the center of our service. There is a sound system to help the hard of hearing and computers to ease the office work and to reach out to members. All are good things.

A helpful note on the window of the sanctuary reminds people to turn off their cell phones during services. Most people comply. There are a few who stare at their little screen throughout the sermon and songs. This is not a good thing.

Can God’s still, quiet voice be heard while the television or radio is blaring, or when the ipod is connected to your ears? If your attention is consumed in the games and texting on your phone can God speak to you? God doesn’t use technology. He embraces silence.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10) It is important to shut down the electronics and take time alone with God. Being quiet is therapeutic for your body and soul and gives God a chance to reveal His presence to you.

Does God have to compete with technology for your attention? What will you do about it?

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