This last week, I’ve been hearing what people are thankful for. Most answers are the important things in life; the intangible feelings of love and acceptance found in relationships. Others are the things we need to sustain life. Few listed their material wants.
There was a time when I didn’t feel thankful for anything. I was in a very dark place surrounded by negative feelings. I found something wrong with everything, even compliments. Surely, there was an evil motive for someone to say something nice about me. I saw nothing good in myself and therefore couldn’t see it anywhere.
A healthy self-image is the beginning to a life filled with gratitude. When I learned – really learned – that God cares for me, I thought of myself differently. I’m not better than the next person; but by no means am I worse. I am who God made me to be.
When I see people who are down on themselves, my old pain returns. I long to help others see who they are through God’s eyes; loved, cherished and valuable. I am thankful that God has guided me along a path to learn this.

When you list what you are thankful for, do you include yourself?

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Nancey, great blog!

Yes. I am slowly beginning to thank God for myself. I used to be in the same space you were – struggling with low self-esteem. But now I’ve determined to see the good in myself – not with arrogance, but with confidence. I can do so many more things when I believe in the cool stuff God’s deposited in my DNA.

I even laugh at my own jokes. LOL!

I love your blog. It always encourages me just when I need it!


Good words, Nancey. I think God is answering your olonging to help others see themselves through God’s eyes. You are a big blessing to me, and I thank Him for introducing us all those years ago.


Thank you, Jane. You have been an inspiration to me.


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