I listened to the pastor’s message one Sunday after Christmas as he talked about The New Normal. He mentioned Christmas ornaments that read “baby’s first Christmas,” or “first Christmas together.” But he pointed out there were none that said “first Christmas without…” Milestones in our lives aren’t always positive experiences.

His message hit home because it was something I had just talked about with a friend. My friend had spent his life with grandparents, parents and siblings, all centered around his grandfather’s business. Then one by one, he lost his grandparents, mother and older brother and his father became estranged. The business was lost. There was no foundation for normal. Or at least what was once normal.

Family, friends and circumstances change throughout our lives. What is normal one day may not be the next. Transitions are hard because normal is vague and subjective. It makes a shaky foundation.

Foundations should be firm, constant, and unchanging. Like building a house, our foundation should be strong enough to withstand the storms of life. It shouldn’t change with challenges but protect us while we negotiate them. That foundation can only be found in one place. “God’s solid foundation stands firm.” (2 Timothy 2:29 NIV) God is not normal. He is solid and consistent. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8 NIV)

What is normal in your life may change but when you trust God your foundation is unshakable.

Have you had to establish a new normal? How did your foundation in God help the transition?

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As a woman with a disability I was proud of being as independent as possible. After I raised my daughter as a single mother, I lived alone for several years. When my friend moved in with me last year it was rather bitter sweet. I was thankful for her help, but I also had face the fact I was getting older and needed more help.


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