A nurse friend of mine had challenges with her job, her children and selling her house. She didn’t think she could handle another stressful issue when her husband became seriously ill. At this point she said, “If God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, He must be looking at someone else’s chart.” Of course, it was a very difficult time but she made it through to a see better days.

I read on a Face Book post, “God sometimes pushes us to our limits because He has greater faith in us than we have in ourselves.” (By JCLU Forever) We all have had times when we don’t think we can handle life’s situations. But God knows it is by stepping (or being pushed) outside our comfort zone that we grow. He has faith in our ability to trust Him. Trusting Him strengthens our faith.

Just like my friend, we can feel we have passed our limit of heartache and hurt. That is when we can collapse in God’s loving arms, knowing He will be there to catch us. My friend was sure God had mistaken her for someone who could handle the pain. In the end, she had a less stressful job, a nicer house and a stronger relationship with her husband. God knew who He was dealing with.

Have you ever thought God allowed more than you could handle? How did you deal with it?

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Many times. Finances, relationships, activities. It usually breaks down to me trying to do something on my own rather than spending time with God on a daily basis. When I keep my eyes on Him, the problems seem small. Jesus gives me perspective, not my great mind.


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