In the Blink of An Eye

I recently followed the Collegiate Baseball World Series. My team, the OSU Beavers, was among the 64 teams playing. I was hopeful that they could win their way to the top. Then, they lost their first game. One more loss and their season would be over. They were able to win the next games and make it to the final playoff. The champion would have to win two out of three games. The West Coast teams are often looked down on by the eastern colleges. I so wanted the Beavers to give the Arkansas Razorbacks a challenge. Another let down. The Beavers lost the first game. The second game was a set up for a big disappointment. We were down by one in the ninth inning. The Beavers had two outs. Razorbacks were on the edge of their seats for that third and final out, and the title would be theirs!

The Beaver batter hit a high, fowl ball. With two strikes against him, if the ball was caught he would be out. The game and the series would be over. Three Razorback players ran under the ball. I held my breath as the ball fell. It was an easy catch. I knew all was lost for the Beavers. In a split second, all my fears were proven wrong.

The ball hit the ground. The game continued. The batter hit a single and brought a runner in. The ballgame was tied. The next batter hit a home run. The Beavers were up by two.
The Razorbacks were to bat for one more chance to win the game. With one out and one on first. Visit The batter hit a low, fast drive to the pitcher. In another split second—double play, game over. Another game would need to be played for the title.

In the final game the Beavers pitched a shut-out and easily won.

The Beavers were the National Champions!

One missed ball gave life to the Beavers dream and took it from the Razorbacks. Life can change just that fast. How many times have you given up on something because you couldn’t see how the outcome you wanted could possibly happen? The Israelites did not trust God’s promise. They were given the promised land but scouts reported that battling the inhabitants would result in their own capture. Instead of enjoying what they were to be given, they wandered for forty years because they couldn’t see the promise as possible. (Exodus 12)
Later, the Bible tells us that the Israelites knew the Philistines soldiers were more powerful than their own army. They could only see defeat and tried to help God by taking the Arc of the Covenant into battle. They were devastated by the outcome. (I Samuel 4)

Sometimes the results can’t be seen by our foresight. We have to believe God and trust Him to figure out the method.

Take a lesson from the athletes, play your best until the game is over.